It's about balancing the social act for apartment communities.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Social Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Exceptional Industry Expertise

Exceptional Industry Expertise

Many Platforms. All in one place.

Many Platforms.
All in one place.

We all know that the Internet is a really big place with a mountain of information. SocialAct works as an information aggregator, taking the data that's already out there about your apartment community and making it easy to find, easy to read, and easy to digest. SocialAct makes managing your apartment community's online reputation and social media simple.

Having the most important information at your fingertips saves you time going from site to site. It saves you effort by unifying everything under one interface. And it saves you aggravation by simplifying everything out there.

Knowledge is power.

Track changes to your virtual curb appeal over time.
Know what's working, and what needs improvement.

SocialAct takes snapshots of your apartment community's performance on the major ratings and social media websites. When a change occurs, or new information is posted, SocialAct discovers it automatically.

Historical data allows you to be able to identify trends and respond accordingly. SocialAct gives you the tools to know what's being said about your apartment community online, and craft a well thought, professional response.

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge is power.
SocialAct gives you the power to make your apartment community shine, online.

You can't control what people will say online about your apartment community. But you can create the circumstances that encourage positive reviews. You can also learn how to respond (not react) to negative information about your apartment community.

SocialAct puts the power in your hands. The power to know what's out there. The power to respond qucikly, efficiently and professionally.

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