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Is your social media strategy working?
No, really... is it?

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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Exceptional Industry Expertise

Exceptional Industry Expertise

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Engaging your existing community takes a completely different strategy.
Are you engaging your residents? Or annoying them?

Social media users want a personal relationship and experience with the people they consider online friends. If you think that social media is a means to get more residents, think again.

If you want to get more likes, create and share content that is relevant, interesting, and most of all; likeable.

Knowledge is power.

Social Media tells the story of your apartment community.
Make sure it's a likeable story.

People trust the opinions of their friends. Social media isn't about pitching your property to an online audience; it's about establishing a friendship between you and the people who live in your apartment community.

Friendship leads to trust. Trust leads to a more positive virtual curb appeal™ for your apartment community.

Knowledge is power.

Seeing everything at a glance.
For a quicker more proactive approach to your social media.

With SocialAct, you can manage posting and get the word out. Bring a fresh and real approach that truly sparks conversation in your social media rather than being ignored.

Retention, retention, retention, is the name of the game. Be engaging in your social media with your residents will create the virtual curb appeal™ that will bring it to the real world. Your community has a story, we'll help you tell it.

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